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Karl Lagerfeld Watches

Karl Lagerfeld Watches

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the world's premier fashion designers with his work mostly being attributed to Chanel. He has worked closely with Chanel for many years now and produced some simply exceptional pieces of clothing and eyewear. Now, he has set out to create a watch range of his own which embodies his very spirit and love of fashion.

His new collection is going to feature just seven watches and is looking extremely exclusive, bearing his signature rock-infused, dark aesthetic. Despite only seven being released, the depth of design is massive, ranging from pyramid studs to metallic leathers, all the way through to a unique zipper design which can be worn many ways.

All of the new styles feature a silhouette of Karl himself on the crown as a sign of quality and to remind the user that the upmost time and effort has gone into making these beautiful pieces of art.

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